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Extensive surveys of the commons have been made, a few of which are available below.
If you are unable to open these surveys please click here for a free PDF reader.
Arachnological Surveys
Lynchmere Arachnological Survey 2002 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 5.49 MB]
 Bat Surveys
Lynchmere Bat Survey 2001 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 6.1 MB]
Lynchmere Bat Survey 2002 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 4.9 MB]
Butterfly Surveys
LynchmereButterflySurvey2001 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.42 MB]
Lynchmere Butterfly Survey 2002 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 9.99 MB]
Entomological Surveys
Field Surveys
Barn Field Survey 2007 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 62.17 KB]
Valley Field Survey 2007 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 44.44 KB]
Flower, Plant and Fern Surveys
Lynchmere Flower, Plant and Fern Survey 1996 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 313.3 KB]
Lynchmere Flower Plant and Fern Survey 2003 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 478 KB]
Odonata and Othoptera Surveys
Lynchmere Odonata and Othoptera Survey 2001 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 5.97 MB]
Pond Surveys
Upper Pond Survey 2007 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 30.4 KB]
Lower Pond Survey 2007 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 34.1 KB]
Reptile Surveys
Lynchmere Reptile Survey 2000 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 3.24 MB]
Lynchmere Reptile Survey 2001 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 6.16 MB]
Lynchmere Reptile Survey 2002 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 3.44 MB]
Lynchmere Reptile Survey 2003 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 5.95 MB]
Reptile Transloaction from Development site in Liphook
Our bird surveys are available on loan in hard copy to Society members or to other bona fide enquirers.

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