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Don't forget to join us at our OPEN DAY at Mare Barn on 5th July from 11am to 3 pm. There will be displays, demonstrations of scything (with a chance to have a go), woodturning, an opportunity to meet the very friendly cattle that grazes for us, information about this ancient barn, our conservation work and other interesting things. Parking off Lynchmere Green under the Oaks and follow the signs. Bring a picnic and please keep any dogs on a lead. Any queries contact us through this website.
Over the last three days a hardy band of volunteers has collected and stacked 920 bales of hay from our meadow at Roundabouts. Despite our best laid plans an abundance of grass keep our cutting contractor busy on other sites and then the weather delayed us further. However there it is now - so if anybody would like to purchase some bales of lovely wildflower hay at £ 2.50 a piece please contact us through the website.
Call to arms! We would like to build up a list of people who might be interested in helping with a botanical survey of the Barn Field (training given) in the next 4 weeks or so.
Also, we will be making hay in two fields this year - mid July to mid August - and again would need helpers for collecting and stacking bales mainly - it was a lot of fun (and dirt and dust) last year. All happens at very short notice due to the dependence on the weather so the more people we have on our list the better our chances of bringing in the hay.
In both cases please contact Eva through this website. 

Well - the main news is that the winter work programme is at an end for the 13/14 season. Our volunteers have been busy and very successful in battling gorse, birch, rhododendron and other unwanted residents. The stormy weather has ensured that our chainsaw gang has its work cut out for months if not years to come. There will be no shortage of firewood for the next log day. On that note - members - keep an eye out for another log day later in the year - usual rules apply.
The next newsletter is nearly finished and should hit your doormat in April.

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