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Please Make a Legacy to The Lynchmere Society
We have all been extraordinarily lucky to live in such a beautiful part of England. The Lynchmere Society exists to try and preserve for future generations what we ourselves have enjoyed. Please consider making a legacy to the Society to further its work.
While much of our work is done by volunteers we do need funding for both running and capital costs.  We cannot rely for much longer on funding from central government and we would like to build up reserves so that if further acquisitions of land or buildings seemed appropriate we would have the resources to buy them. 
We would be happy to discuss with you whether funds you were considering leaving in a legacy could be put to some particular purpose so that your name could be linked to your gift in perpetuity.
How to Make a Legacy
If you are considering making a new will you should of course consult a solicitor but provided you have an existing Will which is otherwise satisfactory, it is fairly easy to add a new legacy to it by a Codicil. You should not need to revise your Will. A model Codicil is set out here. The specimen wording has been approved by solicitors. This codicil has been designed for a pecuniary legacy, ie one in which you bequeath a specific sum of money. If you wish to be even more generous and bequeath a share of your estate to the society you should consult your solicitor about the appropriate wording as this may affect the terms of your existing Will.
The Codicil has to be signed in the same way as a Will in the presence of two witnesses, present at the same time, and who each sign in your presence. It is recommended that you consult the solicitor or executor who drew up your will about this Codicil to ensure that your wishes are given proper effect. The Codicil should then be lodged with your Will and a copy kept for your own records if you wish.
Please note that this Codicil has been designed to suit the law in England and Wales. In Scotland and Northern Ireland and in other countries you should take legal advice. 

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