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The Lynchmere Society largely operates through volunteers. We have a list of some 75 volunteers who turn out on an occasional basis to work on the commons at weekends. The dates for the current season are elsewhere on this website. The work on the commons is as light or as heavy as you care to make it and there is certainly no obligation to attend each time - we are grateful for any help you can give. We have been very pleased to receive help from the Southampton University volunteers and those from the South Downs Joint Commitee.

We can make suggestions for projects for those who cannot come on volunteer days but could be available to work by themselves during the week.

We are also looking for volunteer help in other areas as well. For example with the formatting of our newsletter or doing sketches for it or with publicity. We would like to find volunteers to make themselves responsible for encouraging birds, reptiles, bats and butterflies on the commons. We need people to help with the organisation of our archives; we have a small library which needs a little supervision. If you think you can help us in any way please email us at or phone 01428 723715.

Hedge laid by volunteers in Winter 2013/14

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